Zen Mala Bracelets Hey Artisans

Zen Mala Bracelets Hey Artisans

Welcome to our new feature Hey Artisans!

Crystal from Zen Mala Bracelets is just getting started and her bracelets are beautiful! Zen Mala beads have spiritual meanings and each stone has a different purpose. Crystal’s shop on Etsy explains how to wear the bracelets.

“I enjoy making and wearing my own bracelets. Beautiful handmade Malas each stone has different meanings and intentions. The malas are for meditation or simply adding peace into your life.”


Hey Artisans Features Zen Malas. These handcrafted bracelets are gorgeous. Click here to learn about the artist behind the brand.

Crystal loves to sell on Facebook which makes sense because she started Zen Mala Creations because a friend wanted a bracelet. After it was made, it was posted on Facebook and things started to take off!

I asked Crystal what she wants to work on and she said, “add more items for sale” which makes sense because her business just started!  I think it’s pretty common to want to add more items. 

So far Crystal has bracelets that vary in color and purpose.

Hey Crystal, what’s your favorite bracelet to make?

“I really enjoy making the turquoise mala bracelet because I really like the colour, it makes me quite happy while making it, I feel very peaceful while making it. It does have alot of calming effects so it makes sense.” 

OMGG!! For the record, I created the pin above the featured image for this post BEFORE I ASKED HER!!! I love these bracelets! They are amazing!

To find more about Crystal and Zen Mala Creations follow the links below!

Etsy Zen Mala Creations

Facebook Zen Mala Creations

Instagram Zen Mala Creations


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