Why Crafters Need A WordPress Site

Why Crafters Need A WordPress Site

WordPress Lets You Sell Products Online On Your Own Terms

I decided to rebrand my Etsy shop in January of 2017. I wanted to be honest with my craft business so I didn’t copy any other shop and I didn’t have a lot of momentum. Well I didn’t get a lot of sales. Hardly any sales. It sucked. I was getting A’s and B’s in EtsyRank and Marmalead on all of my listings and no traffic. In February I spent $50 on renewals. I got one sale.

Sadly my shop wasn’t the only one that was suffering even though the items should have been getting more traffic and sales. Etsy lost around A MILLION bucks in the last quarter of 2016. We can’t depend on Etsy but what else can we do?  We gotta get our own site online so what’s the best choice?

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Shopify : Do you have a steady business on Etsy to cover the monthly fees. Shopify has a lot of flexible plans that grow with your brand. You’re able to blog in Shopify however you can’t place ads on Shopify (last time I checked and please leave a comment below if I’m wrong).

Facebook & Spreesy: Free to set up so perfect for beginners who just have time for an online shop. I’ve seen handmade crafters selling in Facebook groups or on Facebook live. Some make really good money! You can create an invoice on PayPal for free and send it to Facebook users for payment.  Spreesy is a marketplace where you can sync your Etsy shop and be up and running very quickly. You just need your PayPal address and a few other steps to open your business.

WordPress.org: Hosting fees can be below $10 a month. I learned WordPress by trial and error. I use GoDaddy because I can grow my site with them. I used Retail Me Not to find some great promo codes. There is a learning curve for handmade artists who are beginners with WordPress but you can build your site by yourself. Your Etsy listings can be imported to WordPress however it might be easier to rewrite them for Google’s SEO and not Etsy’s SEO. If you take your top performing keywords in Etsy and check them in Google, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website.

WordPress is kind of like Costco. If you know what you want you can get your shopping done and stick to a budget but you have to know what you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to have a good WordPress site.

A Good Theme: If you don’t have the budget, don’t spend money on a premium theme. Get a free theme from an established web developer and create a child theme to do minor changes to your WordPress code. And don’t think you can’t do it. Most of the minor coding is cut and paste and we all can do that. There are so many Woocommerce-friendly themes. I like to use a plugin called Page Builder by Site Origin so I can add some text to my front page and show product images that link to my shop. That helps my site rank higher in Google. I also add the same keywords to all of my social medial profiles that are on my front page.

Your Ecommerce Store: Woocommerce is built for WordPress. Should you get an SSL? Probably. Just remember once you attach an SSL to your site, it should never be removed which means a yearly expense regardless of your shop’s sales. If you want to start slowly, you can use Woocommerce with PayPal while your business grows. You won’t need an SSL. Buyers will be directed to PayPal to check out and then redirected back to your site.

WordPress Maintenance : ManageWP is a free plugin and you get free additional features if you use GoDaddy for your hosting plan. ManageWP handles your backups and keeps all of your sites updated and running smoothly. You can get notifications every time your site goes down. For free. Pretty cool!

Of course there’s more to it but I love that WordPress gives us so many options. You can run ads on your blog page to earn extra income from your shop. Finding plugins that don’t break your site is not as hard as you think. I never pay for plugins either. You really don’t need to. You can add Woocommerce plugins that are not free for your shop but they are optional.

I love having a wholesale page set up on my shop site so when my brand grows, it’s ready to go. Shops can order directly from my site after I get their contact information.

Update Your Site With Google Webmaster: When I updated my Etsy titles, tags, images, and listing descriptions, it took Etsy a long time to submit my shop updates to Google. When you own your own site on WordPress, you can update it whenever you want to. I try to update my site once a week. Oh, and I don’t have to pay 20 cents to have your new listings to be seen! Google Webmaster allows you to confirm ownership of your site, and you can ask Google to crawl your pages.

We all know we need more than one platform for our business. If you don’t choose WordPress, just get a shop up somewhere as a backup just in case Etsy’s site goes down or Etsy loses 16% traffic in one year…which all have happened. You have plenty of options.

If you want to know more about setting up a WordPress site, sign up below and I’ll let you know when Makers DIY WordPress Course is ready to launch. . 

Prelaunch starts tomorrow. Go to MakersDIYCourse.com and you can choose what’s best for your brand. I’m going to keep you on budget as well!

UPDATE! I’m thinking about giving away the videos for free on YouTube and selling just the ebook online.  The videos are harder to edit that I anticipated so try to be patient and I’ll announce when they are uploaded to YouTube soon. All of the videos are screencasts and have been recorded. I just need to add the audio and introductions before I upload them.

Get more info by signing up here.

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