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Let’s get your Facebook shop up and running!

A Facebook shop can help an Etsy seller.

Get more sales and grow your brand!

Here’s What You’ll Learn

How To Create A Facebook Page

(or change your existing page to a page with a built in shop)

Upload Your Photos

Facebook profile picture, page banner, and shop item images.

Setting Up Payment & Shipping

Facebook guides you through this so we’ll just be following Facebook prompts.

Your Shop’s Item Description

Get your listings optimized.Check your keywords in EtsyRank and Marmalead. Your listings should be about 150-200 words. Remember  it needs to look good on a mobile device.

Your Page Settings

Keep those keywords out and put them in the very front of your page description.

This should take you about an hour or two to complete.   Facebook takes about 1 day to approve your first product. You should be able to start selling on Facebook in a few days!

Just sign up below and confirm your email! You’ll get the link for the free guide!

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