North Mountain Candle Co Featured Artisan

North Mountain Candle Co Featured Artisan

Hey Artisans is back with North Mountain Candle Co! This handmade candle company is based in the Blue Ridge Mountains and owned by Callie Altman. She started in 2005 and lately she’s been busy! She just launched her own website! Love the colors that Callie chose!

Callie’s favorite place to sell is at shows and live events which makes sense for a candle maker. Imagine smelling scents like Lemon Icebox Pie or Huckleberry Trail in person!

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Callie said she started her handmade business because of her “love of candles” and to earn a little extra money. Even though this is a startup company, she has partnered with a local church to fund trips to Guatemala.  Such a great idea! Her best selling items are her Mix + Match Packs.  Giving her clients options is a great idea because you can try a new scent and get an old favorite at the same time! You can also choose a variety of sizes!

All the candles are made in the USA. They’re soy candles that are phthalate free essential oil blended fragrances. The wicks are lead free.

Her favorite social media platform is Instagram. It’s a great platform and you can do direct selling with direct messages. You can set up invoices on Paypal for free or you can use LinkTree on your Instagram account to send your followers to your website.

So for handmade candles with a variety of sizes and scents go visit North Mountain Cable Co. Thanks for supporting small handmade businesses!




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