How To Install SSL On WordPress (Low Cost DIY)

How To Install SSL On WordPress (Low Cost DIY)

Hey Everyone!

Ok. I was SO EXCITED when I found out I could install my own SSL Certificate on my WordPress site. Southern Dork is hosted by GoDaddy. I do not use Managed WordPress hosting. My site is secured and it cost me under $10. Yep. You can do this yourself. I’m going to guide you through this!

Why You Should Want An Encrypted Website

You protect your visitor’s information. Also if you sell anything on your site you need an SSL. Google prefers sites that are secured vs. sites without encryption.

Let’s make sure this post is for you.

  • You own your own domain with a hosting plan. So for example, you own your own domain but you don’t have a hosting plan yet, pin this post for later. And when you add a hosting plan to your site (so you can blog on WordPress), come back here.
  • You have a hosting plan and it is NOT Managed WordPress. This is only beneficial for hosting plans that are not Managed WordPress plans.
  • You can get into your own cPanel. Normally, your domain will be hosted on cPanel. You can call your hosting provider to make sure.
  • You have access to create emails for your domain. This is kind of required (definitely a huge suggestion) because it’s a time saver.
  • You have about an hour of uninterrupted time. So go take the dogs out and/or wait till the kids are asleep or watching a movie.
  • You need a laptop for the entire guide.
  • And finally, you need $9 to pay for the certificate.

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First of all, don’t be scared! Working with your hosting plan’s cPanel is not that challenging especially because I’m going to provide you with screenshots.

The best thing is, you’ll be able to sell your own handmade goods on your own website for the cost of your hosting plan. No flat monthly fee. That’s why I like WordPress because there’s so many options for your brand!

Let’s get started

Start With Your Email

We’re going to first start by creating your new email address. Now normally I would not recommend this. You need to create an email address that is “” and substitute with your website address. Never ever use this email address for WordPress admin. It’s not very secure. As a matter of fact, you can delete this email account if you prefer after we’re done.

Your SSL Settings In cPanel

You should see a lot of menus in your cPanel dashboard. Find Security>SSL/TLS.

ssl in cpanel

Go ahead and click that and you’ll see a new screen. If you have more than one domain in your hosting plan, make sure you select the one you want to install the product on. You’re going to go through the process of CSRCertificate Signing Requests. You want to Generate a New Certificate Signing Request that’s 2.048 bit key. Don’t worry about the email entered in this step. We’re going to use the one we set up in the earlier soon. You can leave the passphrase blank. 

It will give you a lot of letters and numbers. Copy and paste the entire group of numbers and letters of your Encoded Signing Request. Start copying after “Begin Key” line and stop right before the “End Key” line. I copy and pasted mine to my Notepad because I use a PC. You’re going to use it in just a few minutes so keep it close.

generate a csr

Now open a new tab and go to  Find the Security tab and go to SSL Certificates and purchase the Positive SSL Certificate for $9. Go to your Dashboard and scroll down to Product Lists. Find your certificate and click Activate.

Now cut and paste your CSR and enter it in the box. Your server type is cPanel. Click on Next and continue the process. The DCV method should come up next.

use email dsv

Yes. We’re going to use Email so you’ll just enter the one we created earlier. It actually should populate itself in the next step. Enter the required information and continue to Step 3 and fill out the Contacts information (you can skip the optional fields). Under Administrative Contacts enter your email you usually use-not the “admin@” we created earlier and continue to Step 4 to Confirm.

In Step 4 you’ll see how you’re going to confirm ownership of the domain. Just click Confirm and wait a few minutes.

Check Your Email(s)

You’ll get an email to your new email and you just need to click on the link inside the email.

Validate SSL Email

Just click where it says “here.” A few minutes later, go to your contact inbox you entered earlier. There should a zipped file and one is a PositiveSSL certificate that’s a crt file and a ca-bundle file. So unzip them and remember where you put the folder. You’ll need them in the next step.

Back To cPanel

We are SOOO CLOSE. Go back to SSL/TLS in your cPanel. Go to Certificates (CRT). You’re going to Upload A New Certificate. Scroll down till you see Choose a certificate file (*.crt). Now upload your Security Certificate .crt from the zip file (make sure it’s been unzipped first). Just pick the file that NOT LABELED ca-bundle.

Go to Install A New Certificate. When you select Browse Certificates everything should populate for you. And just select Install Certificate at the bottom of the page.

Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard

ONE LAST STEP! Go to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins. Search for Really Simple SSL.

really simple ssl install

Really Simple SSL is your last step. Install Now and go through the prompts.

You’re DONE (no you’re not but you’re done for today)

Ok! Now you can get back to the kids and or the dogs. All you need to do log out out of your site and check your site. It will have a little lock with the term “Secure” next to it.

If you need a tutorial that’s a video, it’s on the way. I will update this page once it’s been uploaded.

What else do you need to do later? You have to resubmit your site map to Google. You have to create a new website your Google Webmaster. Lastly, you have to update your Google Analytics.

Ok, one more thing. Update your social media profiles with your https instead of http . The links inside your website do not need to be updated.

And you need to pat yourself on the back (or buy some new shoes). You did it!

Hope this helps your brand grow!!

Please comment below with any issues you have! I’m here to help!

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