Hey Artisans Featured Seller

Hey Artisans Featured Seller

Lots of Etsy sellers are looking for Etsy alternatives.  Handmade sellers now have a space to tell their brand’s story. The handmade business industry has so many unique paths. So my goal is to get to know the artist that help makes our house a home and add some unique items to your wedding or your wardrobe.

It can be challenging to balance your own life and your business. Running a handmade business is a challenge in itself! It can seem like it takes forever to learn simple tasks in the beginning and pretty soon you know shortcuts to save time.

What makes us all unique is also what bonds us together! We’re all using the same platforms in our own way. We all have to figure out what’s the best price for our items. How to protect ourselves from scams and stand up for ourselves and our businesses.

Some of us have more than one handmade shop. Think of what shop you want to be featured.

So I can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Share your handmade seller story with Southern Dork. Click here to learn more!

How To Get Featured As A Handmade Seller

Here is what you need to do. Be willing to share the following about your biz!

What inspired you to start a handmade business?

What do you sell and what’s your favorite item to make and what’s your best selling item?

What’s your favorite platform to sell on?

What is your favorite social media platform?

If you could change anything about your biz, what would it be?

Best advice you would give to a new seller?

Please Fill Out The Form Below To Get Started.

Keep in mind if there are a lot of inquires within your niche, there may be a long wait to be featured. 

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