Gmail For Your Domain Email

Gmail For Your Domain Email

You guys wanted a free guide and almost everyone said a Facebook Shop guide instead of checking your domain’s email in your Gmail account. I think checking my domain’s email inside of Gmail is a better time saver. So now you have a guide for both!

Give The People What You Want

To get the Facebook Shop guide, fill out your info below and you’ll get the link right away. For the record, I really, really dislike pop-ups so that’s why there are several places that have my email sign up form. I want it to be convenient but not distracting to subscribe to my newsletter. I hope you agree and please let me know how you feel about pop-ups and email subscriptions in the comments below.

All right, let’s get started. I use GoDaddy as my host. The customer service has been lackluster in the past few years however I’m used to them so I’m not going to change. I have Web Mail that doesn’t have much storage but it’s free. To avoid upgrading (and paying more) I check my Web Mail inside my Gmail account. Setting this up requires several steps but imagine the power of Gmail to communicate with clients and one less app on your phone!

Set Up Your Domain’s Email

With your hosting plan, you should get at least one email with your domain. You need to check with your hosting plan to find out if you get one email address or an email account with only so much memory. You can call your hosting company and ask how to find out the settings below. These examples are from GoDaddy.

This is what you’ll need. Go to your hosting plan’s Email center. Under GoDaddy go to Email Setup Center. You need to write down the email server settings. They probably are going to be the same for each server-especially the SSL settings. That’s the one we’re going to use.

Email Server Settings

Southern Dork Email Settings


Server Standard Ports
Incoming server (POP3): 110, 995 (SSL)
Outgoing server (SMTP): 80, 3535, 25, 465 (SSL)

You’ll need the numbers and the incoming and outgoing server name when we add this account to Gmail.

Let’s Log Into Gmail

Ok, we’re ready to set up this process in Gmail. Go to Settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP. 

Enable POP for all mail. You might think the other selections are necessary but let’s just go through the rest of this process first. You’ll see we won’t need to change anything else on this page.

Log Into Gmail Southern Dork


Click Save Changes. Now go to Accounts and Input > Check mail from other accounts > Add a mail account.

I’m using example@yourdomain as an example. I know, so original. You’re going to select Import emails from my other account (POP3).

All right. You have all the numbers from the Email Setup Settings handy (or this guide as a split screen). You need to try to establish the Port with SSL however you might need to try it without SSL. Also see how my username is the same as my email address? This might be different with your hosting plan.

southern dork settings for gmail

See the POP Server name? We got that from our hosting plan’s settings. You don’t need to leave a copy of retrieved message on the server if you don’t want to. This process is to simplify your business.

You’re going to enter the SMTP server settings from your own notes. I was able to make the settings work using SSL in the first try. Gmail can be tricky so don’t get discouraged if you need to try this without SSL. Both the POP and the SMTP need to be SSL or non-SSL. You can’t do SSL on POP and non-SSL on SMTP.

Once you click Add Account, you should be all set. It might take about 5 minutes to receive the email inside of your Gmail account confirming the change.

Gmail Is Now Your Personal Assistant

Now you can use labels within Gmail to organize your inbox. You can label Etsy emails into orders or Etsy newsletters. You can even use different colors for different labels. You have one less app on your phone! When you compose email from Gmail, you should be able to scroll down and select your domain’s email or your gmail account.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. This has been a HUGE time saver for me! Let me know what questions you have in the comments below.

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