FOYA Personal Jewelry Hey Artisans

FOYA Personal Jewelry Hey Artisans

Ever wondered what it would be like to get your baby’s finger print or foot print handcrafted on a charm? Seems like it’s too good to be true but Foya Jewelry makes this a reality! Based in Germany, Foya Personal Jewelry has managed to figure out how to create these timeless and personal pieces.

Foya creates personalized and sentimental jewelry. Learn more by clicking here.

Foya Personal Jewelry is owned by Stefan and Katja Boscheinen, a husband and wife team based in Vierhöfen, Germany. Their process is so personal and takes a little longer to create but it’s worth it. Clients order their item and receive a kit that includes “kind of orthopedic foam” and Stefan turns the print into three dimensional prints. In most cases you can choose gold or silver (platinum and stainless steel are also available)  as your finish. And of course, you can have your jewelry engraved.

Katja says her favorite item to make are the rings. “My favorite items to make are rings with imprints, I just love how they look and feel.”

And like most creatives, the accounting part of it is her least favorite! “The whole bookkeeping and tax thing is just not fun for me.” I don’t think Katja’s alone!

Foya has a lot of followers on Etsy and they love connecting with clients on Facebook.  Since it took Stefan and Katja over a year to perfect their technique, it makes sense Foya Jewelry does well on Etsy.  All of the beautiful selections look incredible because Katja and Stefan focused on beautiful photographs. It really makes a huge difference! It almost seems like you can touch the products!

Just be aware of the time it takes to make your own unique pendant. The entire process takes 8-10 weeks. They are timeless once you have them! Check out their most popular item here . I love the idea of a sweet baby handprint and footprint that you can keep forever.

To learn more about Foya, visit them below!






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