Dog Owner Dog Leash

Dog Owner Dog Leash

Your dog has a unique personality and needs a leash that’s a perfect match. It should be easy for the dog to follow your lead and stay comfortable. It took several tries to find the best leash for Fonda and Charlie.  Charlie loves to approach everyone she sees. She needs something that will keep her safe and allow me to pull her away if I need to. That usually happens when I have a full day. Fonda on the other hand wants to smell everything on the ground because she’s a 35 lb hound mix. Fonda does not like strangers and likes to protect me. Before I found her perfect leash, she was able to get out of her harness and run home! She was like Houdini! Luckily she always wants to run home so even when she got out, she never ran too far!

Small Dog Leash

Charlie weighs 11 pounds so we thought a retractable leash would be great. Guess what? My 11 lb dog broke her retractable leash! Now she’s got a cute harness that is adjustable around her torso by Eco Bark Pet . They run small! Charlie has a medium. With a nylon leash, I can walk her with one hand like I Heart Dogs suggests. She’s a social dog so this leash is her perfect fit. She loves the bright color that she gets to wear.

The Puller

Fonda is my puller! Even in her harness she would pull all the time. I tried treats to keep her close to me but it didn’t work. She gave me frozen shoulder because she got startled on a walk and tried to run home. Oh yeah, if she gets spooked she’ll sprint home! Heaven forbid I try to stop her but she’s my girl so I decided to try a different leash.

Perfect Leash For Dogs. Fonda is such a dork! Charlie is just too cute. Click here to learn more.

I’m a dog sitter for Rover and one of my clients had a Easy Walk No Pull leash. Well, my client wasn’t pulling so I decided to try it on Fonda. Not only did it fit perfectly because they were almost the same size, Fonda was a completely different dog! If you need to get more control over your dog, I can’t say enough about this leash! The Easy Walk No Pull leash lets the dog owner stay in control. Fonda has hound and whippet in her. Her girth is broad for her size so she wears a small/medium. I had a client that was a puppy that was exactly Fonda’s size and I put Fonda’s no pull leash on her, and she also turned into a completely different dog too!

Downside of the Easy Walk No Pull Leash

You have to make sure it’s a snug fit. I leave two fingers space to avoid pinching the dogs skin (I’m guilty of pinching Fonda so be extra, extra careful).  Also if you have an aggressive dog, you have be careful because dogs can injure themselves by leaping forward while you’re pulling back. The dogs can get swept off their feet, flip and land on their back. A 4 foot nylon leash is better than a 6 foot nylon leash. The dog needs to stay pretty close to you to keep them safe.

The front of the harness can become loose. I always have to tighten Fonda’s. If it’s not tight and she gets reactive and aggressive, she can almost get out of the leash.

The positives outweigh the negatives. I can walk two dogs at the same time with Easy Walk No Pull Leashes and enjoy the walk!  

There are a lot of styles of leashes and it’s so important that dog owners keep searching to find the best leash that keeps dogs safe and happy.

Let me know which leash you love for your dog below!


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  • Oh!! I need one of those for Wilkins! He’s a pulled too and always strains so hard on the leash. He’s almost unbearable to walk. We switched from collar to harness but it didn’t help. Maybe a leash like that would make it better for him.

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