Dog Mom: National Pet Day

Dog Mom: National Pet Day

Well I’m calling it National Dog Day! I love being a dog mom to Fonda and Charlie. Our family dogs are so fun to have around. They are perfect for each other. Charlie is older and she’s a little social butterfly. Fonda is about year and a half younger than Charlie and she is shy with people but loves other dogs. Fonda is the protector and Charlie is the charmer. They play together really well. They also play well with other dogs. Anyone who’s a dog lover can share stories about their dogs. Here’s my story about Fonda and Charlie.


Charlie from Charlies Mercantile

Charlie was my birthday present one year.  She’s part Cairn Terrier and part Yorkie. She was our third choice in the animal rescue center. Our first choice was adopted by the time we arrived. Our second choice was a black dog. Black dogs are harder to adopt so we wanted to do what we could. The little dog wouldn’t even come up to us! I guess the dog realized we weren’t a good match! I looked everywhere for Charlie (she was Mrs. Charlie at the shelter). She was sharing a large kennel with another dog. They were playing with each other. Charlie had only been there for 3 days. I think she thought it was a party there. Lucky Charlie! So when we were able to go into a meeting room to get to know her, she immediately jumped on my boyfriend’s lap! Guess she decided for us! In California you have to get your dog spayed or neutered before you take them home. She came home and I put her in a cute pink crate with a cute pink pillow that night. Charlie broke out of her crate from the inside! She’s never slept in the crate since! She really loves everyone she meets.
Are you a dog mom and love it? Learn my stories of how I got my two little girls. Cheers to dog lovers.

Fonda from Southern DorkFonda was 7 weeks old when we got her. We had a horrible move from California to North Carolina. We moved to North Carolina to be close to my brother’s family. Within 2 weeks my boyfriend and I went through A LOT. We got stuck in New Mexico by a snow storm. Our car broke down and died (after getting inspections by 3 different mechanics) in Oklahoma. We got to North Carolina by flying from Oklahoma to Raleigh. Charlie was small enough to fly in the cabin. Thank goodness! Less than a week later, my brother died of cancer after a courageous battle with cancer. Four days after my brother died, we got Fonda. She totally saved me. She was afraid of trash bags, men carrying bags, and she didn’t know how to walk on a leash. She has blossomed into a very caring, protective, and confident dogs who likes men and isn’t afraid of bags. She does not like thunder storms. She likes dogs more than people but she’s nice to anyone who has treats.


Hope you have a great story about how your pet saved you! You can share your below!

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